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Spathodea campanulata


African tulip tree is a fast growing evergreen tree that can grow up to 24 metres tall.

Leaves are large and compound with broadly oval shaped leaflets that are strongly veined, bronze when young, and a deep glossy green when mature.

Flowers begin as a bronze-green bud and develop into large yellow or orange-red flowers with yellow frilly edges.

Seeds are reddish-brown and can be up to 20 centimetres long.

Habitat it forms dense stands in gullies, areas of vegetation around waterways, and disturbed rainforest.

Weed characteristics are that it is highly invasive and crowds out native vegetation.

Dispersal seeds are carried in the wind and suckers spread from single planting.

Declaration Details

This species is a Class 3 declared plant under Queensland legislation.

How to act

Initial treatment should be conducted using a cut stump approach with follow-up treatment including a foliar spray of any emerging plants. An alternative to chemical control is physical removal of the tree stump.

Refer to Weed Control Methods.


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African Tulip Tree © NQ Dry Tropics 2011
African Tulip Tree © NQ Dry Tropics 2011

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