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Apostlebird, Struthidea Cinerea, Size 29-33cm. Body dull grey/brown with paler streaks on breast and head, wings darker, tail dusky black. Legs black. Bill is dark and stubby, eye dark. Immature are similar to adults but with shorter tail and fluffier plumage. Sociable, seen in family groups up to 20 on the ground or in low trees. Fly with slow wing beats interspersed with gliding. Call is a noisy incessant harsh chattering. At any disturbance the flock will all take up warning calls.

Feeding Habits

Feeding as a group, searching for seeds and insects on open ground.


August-March. Large deep mud bowl lined with grass on a horizontal branch. The family group attends the nest building and chick feeding. More than one female may lay eggs in the nest.

Places to Look

Open forests and scrub, on the ground, low trees - never far from water. often flushes from roadsides.


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