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Sphecotheres vieilloti


Size 27-30cm.

In this area two forms interbreed. Male: black head, olive back. Bare red/pink/blue-grey skin around the eye, the throat and belly can be yellow/ grey/olive or anything in between. Black bill, buff legs. Black tail has noticeable white edges. Female: brown head and back, the bare skin around the eye is grey/ brown. Underparts are heavily streaked brown on dull white. Legs grey.

Feeding Habits

Forage in pairs or groups through the foliage for figs and soft fruits, berries or insects.


Nest is cup shaped, made of fine twigs and vines, placed suspended by the rim in the fork of a horizontal branch. Often figbirds will nest in small groups. Both parents incubate the eggs and care for the young.

Places to Look

Woodlands, parks and gardens with fig trees.

Balgal Beach, Saunders Beach, Cungulla, Alva Beach and Bowen beachside vegetation.


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