Bar-shouldered Dove

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Geopelia humeralis


Size 28-30cm.

Slim, long-tailed grey/brown pigeon. Face, throat and breast blue/grey. Nape copper feathers tipped black. Back barred grey/brown. Tail is grey/ brown with white tips – obvious in flight. Under wing shows chestnut. Eye is pale yellow with bare grey/ reddish eye ring. Legs and feet are pink. Flight is swift with head up. The call sounds like “Support Bob Hawke”.

Feeding Habits

Feed mainly on dry seed on open ground near cover.


February-April. They build a shallow frail bowl of twigs and vine tendrils on a horizontal branch in dense foliage. Both parents incubate the eggs for 15-16 days and care for the young.

Places to Look

Near water in thick vegetation, mangroves, forests and river margins.

Saunders Beach and Cungulla.


Degradation of habitat by the spread of settlements. The introduction of other dove species competing for food and habitat.


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