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Reference: QLD196
Bioregion: Brigalow Belt North
Criteria for inclusion in Directory: 1,2,3,5
Catchment: Haughton


The Barrattas are a distributary system on the floodplain between the Haughton and Burdekin rivers. The site extends from the Bruce Highway 30 kilometres south south-west to Woodhouse Mountain, and ranges in width from 1 to 5 kilometres. The centre of the site is at 19 degrees 41' 32" S, 147 degrees 09' 30" E, about 29 kilometres west south-west of Ayr.


The site provides a very good representative example of a flood distributary system on a large tropical flood plain. It provides valuable insights into the development of floodplains. The site represents some of the best remaining habitat on the lower Burdekin. It has been estimated that the majority of small mammals remaining on the lower Burdekin floodplain are reliant on riparian vegetation associated with the Barrattas. It is possible that the site provides critical habitat for the bare rumped sheathtail bat Saccolaimus saccolaimus nudicluniatus (Nce, Sr), listed as critically endangered in the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. One of very few records of this bat comes from Jerona, immediately to the north. More recent echolocation call data suggest it is still in the area. It is restricted to coastal woodland and appears to be dependent on hollows in old Eucalyptus platyphylla trees for roosting and breeding. This site and the adjacent Jerona probably represent the only suitable remaining habitat for it on the floodplain.


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Map of Directory listed Barratta Channels Aggregation wetland in the Burdekin Dry Tropics region
Map of Directory listed Barratta Channels Aggregation wetland

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