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Reference: QLD197
Bioregion: Brigalow Belt North
Criteria for inclusion in Directory: 1,2,3
Catchment: Belyando


Located between Mt Bingeringo and Bully Creek in the Belyando subcatchment of the Burdekin catchment. The centre of the site is at approximately 21 degrees 32' 42" S, 146 degrees 27' 23" E, about 93 kilometres west south-west of Mt Coolon.


The site provides good representative examples of wetlands that occur on alluvial and colluvial plains in inland central Queensland. The palustrine wetlands support dense and diverse aquatic beds. The aquatic beds contain a high proportion of plants that are important food sources for water birds. The large river red gums on the site provide sheltered roosts and, possibly breeding sites. The site is likely to be of importance as a drought refuge.


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Map of Directory listed Bingeringo Aggregation wetland in the Burdekin Dry Tropics region
Map of Directory listed Bingeringo Aggregation wetland

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