Blue-winged Kookaburra

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Dacelo leachii


Size 39-40cms.

Has a big, square white head with brown streaks, a white eye and massive bill, dark above and pale below. It has a brown back, with light blue shoulders and blue wings. The male has a deep blue tail while the female’s tail is rufous/brown. The Bluewinged Kookaburra is more colourful than the Laughing Kookaburra. The call, a rising and falling series of harsh ringing cackles, often between two or more family members.

Feeding Habits

Feeds mainly on large insects, small lizards, snakes and frogs. Hunts from a tree perch to observe prey, mostly on the ground.


Breeds between September and November in tree hollows. Lives in family groups and defends a territory throughout the year. Older offspring will stay with the parents and assist in rearing the young.

Traditional Owner Values

Manbarra Language Name : Bingunburra meaning Guardian


The kookaburra is a guardian bird, and travels as a protector.

Places to Look

Open forest, woodlands, parks and gardens.


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