Bohle River - Townsville Catchment

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Upstream impacts include improved drainage and past inputs from a secondary treated sewage treatment plant that has been upgraded to tertiary treatment.

In-stream impacts include nutrient run-off from both the sewage treatment plant and residential areas, invasive aquatic weeds such as pistia, water hyacinth and paragrass (Urochloa mutica).


Tilapia are known to inhabit some sections of the river.

Conservation Volunteers Australia works on Bohle River

The Bohle Wetlands Rehabilitation Project was established in 2005 by Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA). The site is situated on the eastern bank of the Bohle River just south of the Bruce Highway. The aim of the project has been to direct on ground works towards establishing a dense corridor of endemic flora species along the Bohle river and surrounding wetlands. The goal is to not only stabilize the river bank and improve water quality within the wetland but to also provide extensive habitat for a range of wildlife species. On ground works have increased the aesthetic values of the Bohle wetlands site and decreased the presence of invasive weed species.

NQ Dry Tropics has provided assistance to Conservation Volunteers Australia in mapping vegetation communities in this area.

Bohle Wetlands Rehabilitation Project 2010 © NQ Dry Tropics
Bohle Wetlands Rehabilitation Project 2010 © NQ Dry Tropics

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