Brahminy Kite

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Haliastur indus


Size 45-51cm.

Head, breast, and neck white. Shoulders, back, belly and tail rich chestnut, open wings tipped black. Reddish brown eyes, pale bone coloured bill and cream feet. Juvenile is mottled brown.

Feeding Habits

Feed on fish, often relying on fish stranded or cast up by the tide. Offal and scraps are part of the diet along with frogs, crabs and insects. Most food is eaten on the ground but is sometimes taken to a perch to be devoured.


Pairing only to breed, they build a bulky nest of sticks in mangroves or other suitable trees. The female does most of the incubating while the male hunts and brings her food. When the chicks are big enough, both parents hunt and drop food at the nest for them to feed on.

Places to Look

Coastal foreshores, mangrove lined creeks and inlets.


Clearing of suitable nesting trees.


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