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Reference: QLD199
Bioregion: Brigalow Belt North
Criteria for inclusion in Directory: 1,2,3,5
Catchment: Bowen-Broken


Streambeds and associated valley flats of the Broken River (below Eungella Dam), Urannah Creek, Massey Creek, Grant Creek, Pla Creek and tributaries of these streams. The centrepoint of the site is approximately 55 kilometres east south-east of Collinsville at 20 degrees 50' 02 S, 148 degrees 17' 47 E. The site is about 54 kilometres from north to south and about 53 kilometres from west to east. The western most point of this site is on the Broken River adjacent to Mt Sugarloaf (20 degrees 50' 19" S, 148 degrees 07' 35" E), about 6 kilometres upstream of its junction with the Bowen River. The listed segment of the Broken River extends from this point upstream to its junction with Bee Creek at 21 degrees 06' 16" S, 148 degrees 23' 05" E which is approximately 8.5 kilometres downstream of Eungella Dam; this is the southern-most point of the site. The northern-most point of the site is at the junction of Grant and Raspberry creeks at 20 degrees 37' 27" S, 148 degrees 17' 58" E. The eastern-most point is on Upper Urannah Creek approximately at 20 degrees 57' 77" S, 148 degrees 37' 11" E. The site is located within the Bowen-Broken subcatchment of the Burdekin Catchment.


This site contains some of the best and least disturbed examples of riverine wetland occurring in Central Queensland. This includes areas of high wilderness quality, Massey Gorge being the most prominent example of these. The site encompasses a relatively undisturbed gradient across the boundary zone between the northern Brigalow Belt and the Central Queensland Coast bioregions. The Broken River makes a major contribution to the quality and flow of water in the Bowen and lower Burdekin rivers. The streams of the site flow through vegetation types ranging from high altitude rainforest on the top of Clarke Range to vine thickets, open forest and woodland. This results in outstanding biological diversity. The area supports at least 11 species listed in international, federal and/or state lists of threatened species. Water is transported from the high rainfall upper catchment to the lower rainfall western side of the site providing a reliable source of water and refuge in times of drought.


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Map of Directory listed Broken River, Urannah Creek and Massey Creek Aggregation in the Burdekin Dry Tropics region
Map of Directory listed Broken River, Urannah Creek and Massey Creek Aggregation

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