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Brown Treecreeper, Climacteris picumnus, is a small-medium sized bird, ranging from 16 cm to 18 cm. The Brown Treecreeper's upper body is a light to mid grey/brown, with a creamy/buff throat, long pale buff eyebrows and a dark line through the eye. Underparts streaked finely with black, grey, brown and pale buff. Under tail, buff/white with broken black bars. Eye brown, feet and bill dusky grey. The male has a cluster of short black streaks in the centre of the upper breast while the females are rufous. In flight the pale buff wing band is noticeable.

Feeding Habits

  • Mostly ants
  • Beetles
  • Bugs
  • Larvae

As it eats mostly insects, the Brown Treecreeper must peck and probe cracks and crevices to find it's food. The Brown Treecreeper is known to forage the ground over fallen branches/logs and through leaf litter and debris.


May-November. Nests deep in a hollow limb or trunk. Fence posts are sometimes used. Nest is a cup of dried grasses, bark and dung, lined with fur, feathers or plant down. The female incubates two-to-three eggs.

Places to Look

  • Eucalypt woodland
  • Timbered paddocks
  • Dry open forest areas


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