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The Burdekin Dam is located on the Burdekin River in North Queensland. The dam was built in 1987 and is the largest dam in Queensland.

The Burdekin Dam was a joint venture between the Commonwealth of Australia and the State Government of Queensland. The official opening of the Burdekin Falls Dam was the 14th of August 1988 by Bob Hawke as Prime Minister of Australia and Mick Ahearne, Premier of Queensland.

The major rivers draining into the Burdekin Dam (also known as Lake Dalrymple) are the Suttor River, Belyando River, Cape River, Campaspe River, Upper Burdekin River, Cape River and Star River.

Lake Dalrymple was named in honour of George Elphingstone Dalrymple (1826-1876). Well known as a North Queensland Explorer, pastoralist, public servant and politician.

See also Burdekin Falls Dam - which includes great photographs of the construction of the Dam

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