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The Burdekin River Basin forms part of Australia's North East Coast Drainage Division. Within the division it is bound by the Fitzroy River Basin to its southeast, by the Herbert River Basin to the north and small coastal catchments to the east. Its western margin adjoins two other drainage divisions, the Gulf of Carpentaria Drainage Division to the northwest and the internal Lake Eyre Drainage Division to the southwest. The Burdekin River is one of Australia's largest.

The region is comprised of several distinct basins (see map). These include the Upper Burdekin which drains the north west of the region including the western side of the coastal ranges, and the Belyando and Suttor Cape basins which drains more arid inland areas in the south and the central west. These basins flow to Lake Dalrymple formed by the Burdekin Falls Dam at the top of the Burdekin Gorge. Another significant Burdekin basin, the Bowen-Broken joins downstream from the Burdekin Gorge. From Clare downstream the drainage of localised rainfall and overbank flows is generally away from the main river via a number of prior river channels, which form floodplain and delta distributaries.

An additional fourteen coastal catchment management units are recognised to the northern boundary of the region including the Haughton and Ross Rivers (Townsville Coastal Basin) and seven to the southern margin of the region including the Don River (Bowen Coastal Basin).

The Burdekin Dry Tropics region makes up 8% of Queensland’s total land area. It consists of 8 Basins and 52 Sub-Catchments.

Basins of the Burdekin Region

Basin IDNAMEAREA-Hectares
1 Upper Burdekin 4,041,516
2 Cape Campaspe 2,031,138
3 Belyando 3,537,846
4 Suttor 1,815,245
5 Bowen Broken Bogie 1,173,016
6 Lower Burdekin 921,965
7 Townsville Coastal 278,566
8 Bowen Coastal 239,613

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Basins of the Burdekin Dry Tropics region