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One of the dominant characteristics of the Burdekin Dry Tropics environment is seasonality, particularly seasonal aridity. The region has a pronounced wet and dry season, with most rain falling between the months of November and April. Average rainfall ranges from 650 to 1500 millimetres annually, but is highly variable across the region and between years.

Coastal margins of the region are characterised by a tropical sub-humid climate with relatively high temperatures all year round and heavier rainfall and associated high humidity in the summer months. Higher altitude coastal ranges have a wet tropical climate with cooler temperatures and more broadly distributed rainfall.

Rainfall in the Rangelands in the inland areas of the region is generally lower and more variable than that of the coastal areas. Cooler, dry winters with occasional frosts and warm summers characterise the semi-arid inland areas. While much of the region has low overall rainfall, monsoon and cyclone influenced summer rainfall events can be large, particularly in coastal areas.

Location Bruce Hwy, Cape Upstart between Gumlu and Guthalungra

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