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There is an estimated 27 species of frogs that live in the Dry Tropic region and a number of these native frogs may easily be confused with cane toads. There are, however, a number of factors that will determine whether you may come across all of these species or only a few. Where you live is perhaps the most influential. If you live in a built up area the number of native frog species that you may confuse with a cane toad is minimal but as you move further away from the city into rural areas the number of native frog species that can be confused with cane toads increases. Many of these native frogs are only seen during the wet season or during their breeding season and perhaps the only time you may come across them is when you are driving on roads on a rainy night.

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Eastern Snapping Frog (Cyclorana novaehollandiae) © NQ Dry Tropics 2015

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