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Clare Weir is a diversion/regulating weir on the lower Burdekin River some 50 km from the river’s mouth. The weir was completed in 1978 to provide a pumping pool for irrigation water in the Lower Burdekin area. Crest gates were added to the spillway crest in 1988 making the weir 8.5 m high at full supply level.

The weir is a mass concrete structure with a total storage capacity of 15,900 ML at full supply level 20.5 m AHD. The 360 m long spillway section of the weir accommodates 150 hydraulically operated flap gates. These gates are operated to maintain headwater levels in the range EL 19.5 m to EL 20.5 m for economic pumping from the storage pool. Releases from Burdekin Falls Dam at AMTD 159.3 km are used to maintain water levels in the weir’s storage pool. Downstream releases from the weir are through the outlet works on the right abutment or through the crest gates.

The Clare Weir fish passage has been operational since early 2007, with mechanical problems occurring every time the hydraulic fish lift is subject to high flows, but is operational the majority of the time. Toward the end of 2007, a SunWater representative stated that the fishway has worked more efficiently as water jets were installed to prevent the build-up of sediment. Refinement of operation was still underway toward the end of the 2007/2008 financial year. Further projects are in progress.


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Clare Weir

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