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Tringa nebularia


Size 30-35cm.

A reasonably large pale wader with a long dark slightly upturned bill. Legs are green/yellow. The back is a brown/grey and the head and neck are flecked with grey. The underparts are white. The call, a loud “tew tew tew” when taking flight, along with the extensive white “V” on the rump and back help to identify this wader.

Feeding Habits

Usually alone or in pairs, they probe along the water edge for worms, crustaceans, aquatic insects and small fish.


A migratory wader that flies back to the northern hemisphere to breed, anywhere from Scotland across to Siberia. In Australia they need to fatten up for the long migration north which takes place in March-April. This is why it is important that unrestrained dogs do not disturb their feeding.

Places to Look

Mudflats along the coast, swamps and estuaries. Check Bushland Beach, Cungulla or Muller’s Lagoon, Bowen.


Unrestrained dogs disturbing feeding before migration.


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