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The Common Mistfrog is a dull grey or brown coloured frog, with irregular darker markings. There is a distinct inverted triangle marking on the top of the head, stretching between the eyes down to the coccygeal region. An obscure darker band runs along the side of the snout, through the eye and ear to the shoulder. The skin is smooth above, with scattered small tubercles. The ventral surface is granular and white in colour. The finger and toe discs are large. The fingers are moderately webbed, the toes are nearly fully webbed. The tympanum is small and covered by skin, though the rim may be distinct. The male nuptial pads are small and they do not have the enlarged arms of other Torrent Treefrog males. The tip of the snout is bluntly pointed (Cogger 2000; Cunningham 2002; Liem 1974).


The Common Mistfrog is a rainforest specialist, endemic to the Wet Tropics Bioregion (Williams & Hero 1998, 2001). The species is restricted to fast flowing rocky creeks and streams in rainforest as well as wet sclerophyll forest (Liem 1974; McDonald 1992). Within these streams this species are often found in the slower more open sections, away from waterfalls (Hodgkison & Hero 2002). Individuals can be found on rocks, logs and vegetation in or adjacent to streams (Hero & Fickling 1994).

The Common Mistfrog has also been recorded at the Defence Training Area, Tully, Queensland. The species has a high probability of occurrence in the direct impact zone (live firing training area) (Department of Defence 2002).

There are reported differences in habitat use between male and female Common Mistfrogs. Females and juveniles use streamside vegetation more frequently than males. In contrast males displayed strong fidelity to the rocky stream environment (Hodgkison & Hero 2002).


Potential habitat of the Common Mistfrog

Potential habitat of the Common Mistfrog (Qld Government)

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