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Premna serratifolia

Family : Lamiaceae

The Creek Premna is a smaller tree typically 2-5 metres tall. It is found in areas of salt and fresh water. The leaves are smooth and broadly rounded. The blades can grow to 15cm and are generally bright green. They have a defined midribb and veins that are raised on the underside.

Flowers of the Premna are very but found in numerous, branched clusters. These are cream or green. The small fruit are globular and fleshy, black when ripe and contain a single hard seed.

The plant enjoys full sun, most soils including sand and salt tolerant. It can be found in areas of coastal scrub and on stabilised dunes. When heated, the leaves can be used for marine stings. These are a mid-level tree for gardens as they attract bees, butterflies, other insects and other prolifically.


Quick Facts

Flowers January to June
Fruit March to June
Coastal Zone Hind Dune
Fauna Habitat Butterflies, Bees and Insects
Growth Habit Tree
Typical Height 2m - 5m
Soils Most Soils
Amount of Sun Full or Partial Sun
Amount of Water Dry or Moderately Wet Areas
Salt Tolerance Moderately Tolerant


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