Crested Tern

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Thalasseus bergii


Size 43-48cm.

Back and upper wings silvery grey, breast, throat and belly white, the tail is forked. A long slightly downward curved pale yellow bill, white front to the forehead, and a black cap with a spiky hairdo make this tern easy to identify. In flight the pointed wings are backswept; the under-wings are white with dark grey tips.

Feeding Habits

It hunts mainly for fish by diving into the water from several metres, taking prey from just beneath the surface.


Nest in large colonies often with other terns. The nest is a shallow scrape in the sand or in soft soil on offshore islands. Both parents share incubation and care for the young.

Places to Look

Beaches, bays, islands offshore, sandspits, estuaries, salt ponds and lakes. Often seen around boats.


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