Double-barred Finch

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Taeniopygia bichenovii


Size 10-11cm.

A neat cinnamon brown, grey and white finch with an owl-like face bordered with black. Two distinct black bands or bars on white underparts give this finch its name. The wings are spotted white on black, the tail is black with a white rump. The bill is blue-grey.

Feeding Habits

Feeds on seeds, usually in small flocks on the ground or among grassland, never far from water. When breeding will also eat insects.


Builds a scruffy bottle-shaped nest of grass lined with feathers and plant down. The nest is often in pandanus or thick shrubs. Four to five eggs are laid, both birds share in incubation and caring for the young.

Places to Look

Open woodland, grasslands, near creeks and dams, farmlands and gardens. Town Common, Lake Ross, Toolakea Beach.


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© Birdlife Townsville 2008
© Birdlife Townsville 2008

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