Drude's Cabbage Palm

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Livistona drudei

Family : Areaceae

Drude’s Cabbage Palm is a rare, fan leaved palm that can grow to 20 metres. The trunk is a solitary stem, with bark being ringed and rough. The leaves can grow to 4 metres long and are rigid. These are bright green, fanned leaves with the blades being about a metre long. The leaf stalk is long and often reddish – black at the base.

This large palm has very small, cream flowers in a long, branched spray. The black fruit are shiny and globular, attractive to a vast array of bird species such as Fruit Doves, Bowerbirds and Figbirds.

This species of Livistona can tolerate both fresh and salt water and will survive drier conditions. It won’t survive frost. The Cabbage Palm is excellent for bigger yards as it has a solitary trunk and will grow straight, taking up minimal room.


Quick Facts

Flowers August to December
Fruit December to June
Coastal Zone Hind Dune
Fauna Habitat Birds
Growth Habit Large Tree
Typical Height <20m
Soils Well Drained Soils
Amount of Sun Full Sun
Amount of Water Dry Areas through to Wet Areas
Salt Tolerance Moderately Tolerant


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