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Dunmall's Snake is a venomous snake that belongs to the Elapidae family. Dunmall's Snake is found only in Australia (Cogger 2000; Ehmann 1992b).

Dunmall's Snake has a uniform dark grey-brown colour above that fades to white at the lower flanks. The scales are smooth and light edged, with most of the scales near the upper lip having pale blotches (Cogger 2000; Ehmann 1992b). The snake is small to medium sized, growing to a length to 60 cm. The head is large and distinct from the neck (Cogger 2000; Ehmann 1992b).


Dunmall's Snake has been found in a broad range of habitats, including:

  • Forests and woodlands on black alluvial cracking clay and clay loams dominated by Brigalow (Acacia harpophylla), other Wattles (A. burowii, A. deanii, A. leioclyx), native Cypress (Callitris spp.) or Bull-oak (Allocasuarina luehmannii) (Brigalow Belt Reptiles Workshop 2010; Covacevich et al. 1988; Stephenson & Schmida 2008).
  • Various Blue Spotted Gum (Corymbia citriodora), Ironbark (Eucalyptus crebra and E. melanophloia), White Cypress Pine (Callitris glaucophylla) and Bulloak open forest and woodland associations on sandstone derived soils (Brigalow Belt Reptiles Workshop 2010; Stephenson & Schmida 2008, Threatened Species Network 2008).


Potential habitat of the Dunmall's Snake

Potential habitat of the Dunmall's Snake (Qld Government)

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