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The Einasleigh Uplands bioregion straddles the Great Dividing Range in inland north-east of Queensland. The bioregion largely consists of a series of ranges and plateau surfaces, varying in altitude between 100 metres in the west to 1100 metres in the east. The upper catchment of the Burdekin is within this bioregion.

Major population centres include Charters Towers. Most of the bioregion is leasehold land, although freehold land is widespread to the south-east of Charters Towers. The major landuse is extensive grazing, but mining and cropping are locally significant.


The bioregion incorporates a wide range of altitudes and climate, and has a complex geology. It consequently contains a large number of diverse ecosystems, however it is also one of the most poorly described bioregions in the State.


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Bioregions of the Burdekin Dry Tropics
A section of the Einasleigh Uplands bioregion occurs in the Burdekin Dry Tropics region

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