Eucalyptus melanophloia

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Silver-Leaved Ironbark


Regional Ecosystem 11.3.6 - Woodland on Alluvial Plains

Bioregion 11 - Brigalow Belt

Landzone 3 - Woodland on Alluvial Plains

Eucalyptus melanophloia woodland or open-woodland generally with a grassy ground layer. Eucalyptus melanophloia predominates forming a distinct but discontinuous canopy (12-18m high). Occasional scattered Eucalyptus populnea, Eucalyptus crebra, Corymbia dallachiana, Eucalyptus tereticornis also occur in the canopy. The mid layer is sometimes absent but may be an open low tree/tall shrub layer (3-7m high) dominated by species such as Callitris glaucophylla, Alphitonia excelsa, Lysicarpus angustifolius and Petalostigma pubescens. The ground layer, is usually open and dominated by perennial grasses. Occurs on levees and higher cainozoic alluvial plains. Soils are usually deep red and yellow massive earths with dark brown loamy sand to sandy loam grading to light clay textures or texture contrast soils. In some areas this regional ecosystem occurs on heavy cracking clay soils.



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