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Gia Country

The approximate area of interest for the Gia Traditional Owners is from Mt Gordon south of Bowen to Midge Point south of Proserpine, west to Clark Range and along the coast east to Shute Harbour.


Traditional Aboriginal native wells are small depressions or cavities in rock outcrops that collect water after rain. They are normally located in the areas where natural water accumulates. While usually making use of natural depressions int he rock, many Aboriginal native wells were made deeper by percussion pounding of the depression. to stop evaporation of the water, a stone 'lid' was placed over the well.

Native wells were very important for providing water for travelers when waterholes dried up during the dry season.

Elder Story

"When we were children we would go to the beach fishing. We didn't take any fresh water as the native wells would always have fresh water in them. These wells were replenished by the water leaking out from the nearby hills and being collected in the holes and cracks in the rock. We would eat oysters, fish, crab and mud mussels cooked in the coals and use water from the wells." - Sheryl Wake, Gia Traditional Owners group

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Gia Traditional Owners approximate area of interest
Gia Traditional Owners approximate area of interest

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