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Tecticornia pergranulata

Family : Chenopodiaceae

The Tecticornia species are commonly known as Glassworts. Glassworts are a mass of barrel shaped, bulbous, jointed stems that grow in the tidal flats. These creepers normally grow to 30 cm in height. They can be a range of colours depending on salt concentration and moisture, from light green to bright red.

Glassworts are bisexual plants and have very tiny flowers. Fruits of this plant are small seeds that are about 1mm in size. Flowers and fruit most commonly appear in winter. These plants are often mistaken for the Beadweed as they are similar in appearance and habit, collectively known as “samphires”. Both are found in similar areas of the coastline and grow well together.

Glassworts are good ground covers for gardens and provide shelter for lizards and other wildlife. They are hardy and adapt to a wide range of conditions.


Quick Facts

Flowers June to July
Fruit June to August
Coastal Zone Saltmarsh
Fauna Habitat Insects and Others
Growth Habit Creeper
Typical Height Creeper
Soils Well Drained Soil
Amount of Sun Full Sun
Amount of Water Moderately Wet Areas to Wet Areas
Salt Tolerance Extremely Tolerant


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