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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zoning in the Burdekin Dry Tropics Region

Within the NQ Dry Tropics region are mostly nearshore reefs, including fringing reefs such as those around the Palm Islands and Magnetic Island. Nearshore reefs have close connections with coastal habitats (such as mangroves and wetlands). Their location also exposes these reefs to greater impacts of coastal and catchment activities.

Zoning in the Burdekin Dry Tropics marine region includes (wholly or partially):

  • 14 Marine National Parks
    • MNP-18-1082 South-east of Great Palm Island;
    • MNP-18-1083 Orpheus Island Reef east (18-049d)
    • MNP-18-1085 Curacoa (Noogoo) Island Reef (18-052)
    • MNP-18-1086 Halifax Bay/Pandora Reef (18-051)
    • MNP-19-1097 Bowling Green Bay
    • MNP-19-1102 Lagoon area north-east of Bowen
    • MNP-19-1105 Cape Upstart
    • MNP-19-1107 Upstart Bay
    • MNP-19-1089 Magnetic Island — Five Beach Bay
    • MNP-19-1090 Magnetic Island — Balding Bay and Radical Bay
    • MNP-19-1091 Magnetic Island — Gowrie Bay
    • MNP-19-1092 Magnetic Island — Florence Bay
    • MNP-19-1093 Magnetic Island — Alma Bay
    • MNP-19-1094 Magnetic Island — Geoffrey Bay
  • 2 Scientific Research zones
    • SR-18-2007 Orpheus Island north (18-049a and 18-049e)
    • SR-19-2008 Australian Institute of Marine Science
  • 11 Conservation Park zones
  • 18 Habitat Protection zones

Dugong Protection Areas

4 Dugong Protection Areas exist in the Region (wholly or partially):

Declared Fish Habitat Areas

3 Declared Fish Habitat Areas exist in the Region:


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