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Reference: QLD086
Bioregion: Einasleigh Uplands
Criteria for inclusion in Directory: 1,2,3,4,5,6
Catchment: Upper Burdekin


19 degrees 55' 59" S, 145 degrees 35' 32" E; the site extends c. 100 km in a north northeast-south southwest direction and is up to 18 km wide, with its centre c. 53 km northwest of Charters Towers.


The Great Basalt Wall Aggregation is an outstanding example of complex permanent, semi permanent and seasonal wetland types within the Einasleigh Uplands bioregion. The flora of the Great Basalt Wall is characteristic of remnants of ancient and distinctive rainforest related vegetation that was once probably much more widespread in Australia. The site is significant for the diversity of fauna it supports, particularly waterbirds and frogs, and is considered to be an important refuge for many other species. Furthermore, it has been recognised as one of the outstanding geological elements of Queensland. For instance the unusually good exposures of Tertiary sedimentary rock and recent basalt at Red Falls are geologically important for the information these can provide about Queensland's widespread laterites and associated Cainozoic history. The locality is also the designated type (or reference) for the Campaspe Beds.


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Map of Directory listed Great Basalt Wall Aggregation in the Burdekin Dry Tropics region
Map of Directory listed Great Basalt Wall Aggregation

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