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Grey-crowned Babbler, Pomatostomus temporlis, is a medium to large sized 25cm to 29cm. The Grey-crowned Babbler has a light grey crown with a broad white eyebrow, yellow eye in black mask, long down-curved black bill. Throat and breast white. The body is shades of grey/brown, tail tipped white. The young Grey-crowned Babbler have brown eyes for two years. Generally found in close family groups of up to 15 birds.

Feeding Habits

Feeds on insects, spiders and lizards, foraging on tree trunks and branches or on the ground, digging and probing amongst ground litter and tussock grasses.


Builds and maintains several conspicuous football sized dome-shaped stick nests. Some are used as a dormitory for roosting each night. All nests are maintained year round, and old nests are often dismantled to build new ones. During incubation, the adult male and several helpers in the group feed the female. Young birds are fed by all other members within the group.

Places to Look

  • Open woodland
  • Farmland
  • Road verges.


Clearing of habitat.


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