Grey-tailed Tattler

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Tringa brevipes


Size 24-27cm.

Medium sized migratory wader returning to this region September-April. Washed slate grey on the back, grey breast, paler throat, rest of underparts white. White eyebrow extending behind the eye, straight tapering grey bill with a yellowish base and dark line from the bill through the eye. Legs yellowish. Often seen singly or in small groups.

Feeding Habits

Probes in the mud or sand for crabs, marine worms, small fish and aquatic insects. When disturbed flies away but often returns to the same spot, bobbing and teetering while feeding.


They breed in the remote mountains of Eastern Siberia. Some birds stay in this region over the winter period.

Places to Look

Found on tidal mudflats and sandbars, estuaries, mangroves, rocky shores and reefs. Bushland Beach, Balgal Beach, Cungulla, Abbot Point and Dalrymple Point.


Reclamation of mudflats for development takes away suitable feeding habitat.


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