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Gudjal Country

The Gudjal approximate area of interest in general terms extends north to Big bend on the Burdekin River and Fletcher Creek, north west around Basalt Walls, south west around Pentland. The Gudjal Traditional Owners group is part of the Gudjal Traditional Land Owners Corporation. This is the primary Traditional Owner land and sea management organisation supporting the Gudjal Traditional Owner people.


Traditional Aboriginal stone quarries are places from wehre Aboriginal people extracted raw materials for stone tools. while boulders and rocks on the surface were used in the manufacture of stone tools, the best stone was usually dug out of the ground. One method of extracting the stone was to heat up the rock then pour cool water over it to make it crack into usable sizes.

Aboriginal stone tools have survived for centuries and are found in areas called artifact scatters. Stone cores from which flakes and blades have been struck are also found in these locations. Aboriginal people used stone for everyday tasks such as butchering and skinning animals, grinding seeds and nuts, and carving wooden artifacts. Flakes of stone such as quartz, chert, silcrete and chalcedony were used as knives, tula adzes (broad flakes attached to handles with resin and used as woodworking tools), points and blades.

Elder Story

"The traditional stone quarry is a significant site for the Gudjal people. Historically our people used the stone quarry to prepare traditional weapons, such as spears and stone axes for hunting." - Val Alberts, Gudjal Traditional Owners group

Contact Details

Gudjal Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation
51 Mary Street,
Charters Towers QLD 4820
Phone: (07) 4787 7922
Fax: (07) 4787 7911

Gudjal Traditional Owners approximate area of interest
Gudjal Traditional Owners approximate area of interest

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