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Gudjal Country

The Gugu Badhun approximate area of interest extends in general terms from the George and Seaview ranges area to the Lava Plains and Emu Creek and from the Kinrara Crater area to the Clarke River and Mount Fullstop Range. The Gugu Badhun people hold interest in land and waters located in the Burdekin Rangelands and Einasleigh; centered on the township of Greenvale.

The Gugu Badhun Traditional Owner group is part of the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation which has been operating since 1996. This corporation is the primary Traditional Owners of land and sea management organisation that supports Gugu Badhun people.


Traditional Aboriginal story places include modified sites or natural features of the landscape that possess special significance because of their role in Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander beliefs. Traditional Aboriginal story places are part of a creation story or associated with mythological beings and legends, and important life events and ceremonies.

Some sites are known only by the Traditional Owners who have been told the relevant stories through generations by Elders of their group. Traditional birthplaces also hold special significance to Aboriginal people and are an important means of demonstrating blood association with the country.

Elder Story

"The story is about a hill in Gugubadhun country. The name of this hill is Unbunbara. Unbunbara is located on the southern side of the Burdekin River. The story was passed down to me by my Elders. The story begins on the bank of the river making a woomera (Aboriginal weapon) and a boomerang. While he was making the weapons he heard a noise behind him and them something startled him. The old fella was so anxious that he dropped the woomera he was making and it slid down the bank and dropped into the river. And this hill is called Unbunbara after the woomera the old fella was making." - Elder Harry Gertz, Gugubadhun Traditional Owner group

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Gugu Badhun Traditional Owners approximate area of interest
Gugu Badhun Traditional Owners approximate area of interest

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