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Macaranga tanarius

Family : Euphorbiaceae

The Heart Leaf is a spreading tree that typically grows to 6 metres. It is a hardy plant that is also fast growing, making it an excellent pioneer plant. Leaves are large, heart shaped and seen on stalks. They have prominent, usually reddish coloured veins on the topside. Bright green, they are 20 x 15 cm in size.

Macarangas have separate male and female plants. Flowers are small and greenish yellow, seen in clusters. Fruits are small and yellow with three lobes. These are soft, prickly capsules that enclose round, spiny, black seeds. It will grow in full or partial sun and is very resilient.

The Heart Leaf is a very attractive plant year round. It is useful for both gardens and revegetation work as it is excellent for suppressing weeds, particularly paragrass, and putting out dead leaves for leaf litter.


Quick Facts

Flowers October to December
Fruit November to February
Coastal Zone Hind Dune
Fauna Habitat Birds and Insects
Growth Habit Tree
Typical Height <10m
Soils Most Soils
Amount of Sun Full Sun, Partial Sun or Shade
Amount of Water Dry or Moderately Wet Areas
Salt Tolerance Moderately Tolerant


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