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There’s no escaping your group’s insurance responsibilities. Your community group will need to have adequate personal accident insurance to cover all those taking part in practical activities, as well as public liability cover for all meetings, events, etc.

More often than not, community groups work on public land and have to seek permission from the landholders or trustee to carry out the works. Sometimes members of a group can be covered by a local council’s insurance for volunteers but you need to get this in writing. If you are holding a public event, check when you register to see if you are covered by their event insurance. Always think about insurance – the last thing you want is a member getting injured and suing your group for damages. It does happen, so keep an open mind and reduce the risk of this occurring by showing a duty of care towards your volunteers and getting insurance cover to protect yourself and your group.

If your group is incorporated and registered with Queensland Water and Land Carers (QWaLC), you are eligible for insurance coverage. QWaLC offers insurance policies for general liability, personal accident, and association liability, and will assist with insurance applications on your group’s behalf. As an unincorporated member of QWaLC, you can still seek advice on the best method of obtaining insurance cover for your activities.

Also, the Queensland Government has funded Aon Insurance to provide advice to Queensland not-for-profit community groups.

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Tree planting on bank of a wetland within the Bowling Green Bay catchment 2011 © NQ Dry Tropics
Tree planting on bank of a wetland within the Bowling Green Bay catchment 2011 © NQ Dry Tropics

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