Jacky Winter

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Jacky Winter, Microeca fascinans, Size 12-14cm. Plain but attractive little flycatcher. Upperparts grey-brown, slight white eyebrow, slender dark stripe through eye. Underparts white through to grey. Wings dark brown. Outer tail feathers white. Sings loudly from high perch, clear melodious series of whistles, sometimes described as ‘jacky, jacky, jacky, winter, winter, winter’.

Feeding Habits

Feeds on a varied diet of insects. Darts from an exposed perch to catch insects, often in very acrobatic flight, also hovers over grass to flush insects.


July-December. Tiny cup nest made of bark and fine twigs tightly bound with cobweb, on a horizontal branch or fork, often in dead trees. Both sexes build the nest, incubate the eggs and feed the young.

Places to Look

Rural areas. Open woodlands, scrublands and farm paddocks with dead trees or stumps.


Destruction of habitat. Removal of dead trees or limbs. Urban spread.