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Jangga Country

The approximate area of interest for the Jangga Traditional Owners is the eastern headwaters of the Suttor River along the Leichardt Range, south to Glenavon Station north to the Burdekin River and west to the Belyando River approximately 10,099 km2. Jangga Traditional Owners formed the Jangga Aboriginal Corporation in 2004 under the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976. This organisation is the primary organisation for cultural heritage management on Jangga country.


Scarred trees or carved trees can be identified by the removal of bark from the tree trunk. The bark was used primarily for shelters and ceremonial purposes. Traditionally Aboriginal people removed the bark from tress to make shelters, medicines, coolamons (wooden dishes), shields, canoes and twine. Scars on trees vary in size, from 0.5 m for shields and coolamons to over 2m for canoes and shelters.

The outer bark was also removed and designs carved into the inner wood to mark burial or initiation sites. The designs are sometimes similar to rock art and body scarring.

Elder Story

"Our people would cut canoes from particular trees on our country, such as box trees, gum trees and coolabah trees and paddle out on the Suttor lakes. Also our old people would cut the bark from trees, straighten them out and sleep on them or use them to make up the walls on their 'gunya' (shelter). Tea-tree bark was used to cover the top of the gunya to keep the warmth in and clay or mud was used to seal the shelter" - Elder Colin McLennan, Jangga Traditional Owners group

Contact Details

Jangga Operations Pty Ltd
PO Box 1102
Hyde Park QLD 4812
Phone: (07) 4755 2199
Mobile: 0408 750 325

Jangga Traditional Owners approximate area of interest
Jangga Traditional Owners approximate area of interest

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