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Juru country

The approximate area of interest for the Traditional Owners is north from the Haughton River to Mt Gordon south of Bowen, east to the Barrier Reef and west to the Leichardt Range. The Juru Traditional Owners group became part of the Gudjuda Reference Group Aboriginal Corporation which was incorporated in 1999 under the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976. This organisation is the primary organisation for cultural heritage management on Juru country.


Aboriginal middens sites are places where Aboriginal people camped. Middens sites are usually on a level, sheltered surface close to fresh water or on coastal dunes. Marine or fresh water shells are a major component of middens as Aboriginal people ate shellfish at the sites. Bone, stone and other items are also found on middens. Shell middens are found along coastlines, estuaries, coastal and inland river floodplains and lakes. They vary considerably in size.

Aboriginal people created arrangements of stones, ranging from simple cairns or piles of stones to elaborate circles and pathways covering large areas. These Aboriginal stone arrangements are the visible remains of areas where important and often sacred rituals were performed seasonally. Some ceremonies involved small numbers of people, some were restricted to a particular gender and some involved large gatherings of people.

Elder Story

"Wadda moolie thulgarrie. I am Renarta Prior Or, in the Birri Gubba language, Gootha Thulga, which means 'sister to many'. I was born on Palm Island and am a descendant of the Birri Gubba people on my father's side. I maintain my Aboriginality and tradition from my father's Birri Gubba side and raised up to know about our clan group, our language, our country and our murri lore.

There is a place in Cape Upstart called Worrungu Bay. This is a significant midden area for the Juru people. Worrungu bay is a women's meeting area and the swamp is separated from the sand dunes. Our Juru women would collect shell fish from the swamp and walk to the sand dune area and cook the shell fish on the fire."

Contact Details

Gudjuda Reference Group
PO Box 255
Plantation Park, Ayr QLD 4807
Phone: (07) 47837229
Fax: (07) 47837228
Email: gu41513@bigpond.com

Juru Traditional Owners approximate area of interest
Juru Traditional Owners approximate area of interest

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