Large-eared Pied Bat

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The Large-eared Pied Bat is a medium-sized insectivorous bat measuring a total length of approximately 100 mm and weighing 7–12 grams. It has shiny, black fur on the body with a white stripe on the ventral side of the torso where it adjoins the wings and tail. The ears are large, and lobes of skin adorn the lower lip and between the corner of the mouth and the bottom of the ear (Hoye & Dwyer 1995; Ryan 1966). Its relatively short, broad wings suggest it flies slowly and with considerable maneuverability (Qld DERM 2011).


Sandstone cliffs and fertile woodland valley habitat within close proximity of each other is habitat of importance to the Large-eared Pied Bat (NSW DECC 2007d). Records from south-east Queensland suggest that rainforest and moist eucalypt forest habitats on other geological substrates (rhyolite, trachyte and basalt) at high elevation are of similar importance to the species (Gynther 2011 pers. comm. cited in Qld DERM 2011; Mathieson 2011 pers. comm. cited in Qld DERM 2011).


Potential habitat of the Large-eared Pied Bat

Potential habitat of the Large-eared Pied Bat (Qld Government)

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