Leaden Flycatcher

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Myiagra rubecula


Size 15cm.

Male: head, back, wings, tail and throat deep leaden grey; rest of underparts white. Black feet, dark eyes and bill. Female: head and nape leaden grey, back, wings and tail mid grey/brown, throat and upper breast orange/rufous; rest of underparts white.

Feeding Habits

Capture their food in flight, picking insects off foliage or out of the air, in short circling dashes from a perch. Their diet includes small dragonflies, termites, cicadas, beetles, weevils, flies, native bees and wasps.


Nest is a neat, shallow, broad-based cup made of fine bark strips and grass matted together with cobwebs, decorated with lichen and small strips of bark. It is built on a limb or fork in the open. Both parents build the nest, incubate the eggs and feed the young.

Places to Look

Coastal scrub, mangroves, eucalypt and paperbark woodland and along watercourses.


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