Lemon-bellied Flycatcher

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Microeca flavigaster


Size 12-14cm.

Mainly olive/brown on the head, back and tail, with black legs and bill and pale lemon wash on underparts. The throat is white or slightly tinged yellow.

Feeding Habits

Sometimes alone or in small family groups, they flutter quietly among the foliage of the tree canopy in search of insects or perch on open twigs, watching for insects on the wing. They dart out then often return to the same spot to consume what they have caught and wait for the next unsuspecting victim. Caterpillars, ants and beetles are part of their diet.


They build a tiny nest of fine bark strips and spider web in the fork of a tree, sometimes over water and usually camouflaged by bark strips to match the tree. Although normally quiet, during the breeding season they perform noisy singing flights.

Places to Look

Woodlands, rainforest margins and paperbark swamps.


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© Birdlife Townsville

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