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Little Corella, Cacatua sanguinea, is a large bird sized between 35cm and 39cm. A white cockatoo with a short crest (this is often folded and not noticeable). Blue/grey bare skin around the eye that extends beneath the eye. The Little Corella is known to have a small white coloured bill and a pale pink flush between the bill and the dark brown eye. The underwing and tail are a washed pale yellow, with grey legs.

Feeding Habits

  • Feeds on the ground, taking many varied grass seeds and roots.
  • Corellas also gather in large flocks high in the trees to strip foliage, berries and fruit while keeping in contact with sharp screeches.


May-October or following rain. Nests in tree hollows or occasionally in termite mounds. Three or four eggs are laid. Both parents incubate the eggs.

Places to Look

  • Parks
  • Gardens
  • Pastoral properties,
  • Dams
  • Tree-lined watercourses.

They are noisy birds and are often heard before being seen.


  • Loss of nesting trees
  • Illegal trapping.


NQ Dry Tropics gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Birdlife Townsville (formerly the Townsville Region Bird Observers Club) to the information on this page.

Little Corella © Birdlife Townsville 2008

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