Magpie-lark (Peewee)

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Grallina cyanoleuca


Size 26-30cm.

Black and white distinctive markings. Male: has a black head and throat and a white eyebrow. Female has a white forehead and throat. Both have whitish bills and white/cream eye ring. Legs black. The loud “peewee” call gives them their name. Not related to magpies.

Feeding Habits

Feed on the ground eating insects, caterpillars and earthworms.


Both parents share in building a cup-shaped mud nest, lined with grass and feathers, often on a man made structure or high up on a horizontal branch. Both sexes incubate and raise three to five young. They may raise more than one brood each year.

Places to Look

Pairs and family groups can be seen in back yards, parks and bushland throughout the region. Although small, they are often seen chasing kites and other larger birds.


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