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Caesalpinia bonduc

Family : Caesalpiniaceae

The Nicker Nut is a scrambling, bushy shrub typically 3 – 4 metres tall with thorns on its stems, leaf axils and seed pods. These plants have distinct leaflets in pairs with a dark or bright green topside and pale underside. Leaflets have secondary segments and entire leaf itself is about 50 cm long.

The yellow pea like flowers of this tree are borne in crowded spikes. The fruit of this tree is a brown spiny capsule containing two grey, stone-like seeds that are popular for making necklaces.

This is a very hardy plant that is normally found on vegetated beach dunes and coastal scrub. The seeds can float in water and retain their viability for years. The Nicker Nut is great as a “fence” or barrier due to the long thorns.


Quick Facts

Flowers January to April
Fruit April to August
Coastal Zone Dune Crest - Hind Dune
Fauna Habitat Insects
Growth Habit Vine
Typical Height <4m
Soils Well Drained Soils
Amount of Sun Full or Partial Sun
Amount of Water Dry or Moderately Wet Areas
Salt Tolerance Extremely Tolerant


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