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Nywaigi Country

The approximate area of interest for the Nywaigi Traditional Owners is from the mouth of the Herbert River south to the north bank of Rollingstone Creek and west around Mt Spec area. The Nywaigi Traditional Owners group is part of the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation which has been operating since 1996. Girringun Aboriginal corporation is the primary Traditional Owner land and sea management organisation supporting the Nywaigi Traditional Owner people.


Traditional Aboriginal grinding stones were mainly used for processing food or, in some instances, grinding ochre for ceremonial purposes. Two stones, usually made from sandstone, were used with a top stone (or pestle) and a larger bottom stone (or mortar). Grain would be placed in the mortar and then ground to flour with the pestle.

Continued use would result in a shallow disc shaped depression on the surface of the bottom stone while both stones would show smoothness due to the repeated rubbing of the stones together. Often a silica polish from traces elements in the grain would coat the surfaces of both stones. Seed or root grinding was generally done by women. While small grinding stones could be carried around as people travelled across the country, larger ones would remain at camps.

Elder Story

"On the property we get to tell the visitors about the culture and history and our people who are the Nywaigi people. Some of the things we show them are the artifacts on the country. This country is not rock country and we are finding a lot of stone axes and grinding stones that people have left here and been using for thousands of years. These stones were traded with neighbouring tribes from the mountains where the stones come from. We are finding a lot of cutting stones, spear stones, sharpening stones, stone axes and grinding stones." - Jacob Cassady, Nywaigi Traditional Owners group

Contact Details

c/- Girringun Aboriginal Corporation
PO Box 303,
Cardwell QLD 4849
Phone: (07) 4066 8300
Fax: (07) 4066 8353
Contact: Jacob Cassady

Nywaigi Traditional Owners approximate area of interest
Nywaigi Traditional Owners approximate area of interest

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