Olive-backed Sunbird

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Nectarinia jugularis


Size 10-12cm.

These delightful small birds have bright yellow underparts and olive green wings. Males are distinctive, with their iridescent blue from chin to upper breast. They have long, curved bills to enable them to get nectar from deep within tubular flowers.

Feeding Habits

Nectar and insects are their preferred diet. Often hovering at flowers to feed, or taking spiders from webs. The young are fed insects.


The nest is long and pendulous with a little hood over the side opening and is attached to a branch or, quite often, a rope or wire near a dwelling. The female constructs the nest, made of bark strips and grasses woven together with cobwebs and lining it with down. Both incubate the two eggs. The male helps with feeding the young.

Places to Look

Gardens, parks and mangroves.


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