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The Ornamental Snake is a brown, grey-brown or black snake growing up to 50 cm in length with lighter coloured body scales, often with darker streaks/flecks. The crown of the head is darker brown/black with lighter flecks, it has distinctly barred lips, a white/cream belly with dark spots/flecks on the outer edges, and smooth scales (Cogger 2000).


The Ornamental Snake's preferred habitat is within, or close to, habitat that is favoured by its prey - frogs. The species is known to prefer woodlands and open forests associated with moist areas, particularly gilgai (melon-hole) mounds and depressions in Queensland Regional Ecosystem Land Zone 4, but also lake margins and wetlands (Agnew 2010 pers. comm.; Brigalow Belt Reptiles Workshop 2010;Wilson & Knowles 1988). Gilgai formations are found where deep-cracking alluvial soils with high clay contents occur (Brigalow Belt Reptiles Workshop 2010).


Potential habitat of the Ornamental Snake

Potential habitat of the Ornamental Snake (Qld Government)

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