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Pale-headed Rosella, Platycercus adscitus, is a medium sized bird between 28 and 32 centimetres. The Pale-headed Rosella earns it's name from it's pale yellow - almost white - head, with white and blue cheek patches. Their back is bright yellow with black flecks, blue wings and tail. Their underbelly is mainly blue, with red under the tail. Females are slightly duller. The young Pale-headed Rosella often have small splashes of red on their heads or breast.

Feeding Habits

Can be seen feeding on the ground in pairs or small groups, also in trees and shrubs. Eats seeds and fruits of grasses, shrubs and trees as well as flowers, insects and their larvae.


February-June. Nests high in the hollows of either dead or living tree trunks/limbs, usually in eucalyptus or occasionally hollow stumps and posts. The female incubates the eggs and after hatching the male helps with feeding the young.

Places to Look

  • Lightly timbered woodland with grassy understorey
  • Tree-lined watercourses
  • Agricultural lands and often flushed from roadsides.


NQ Dry Tropics gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Birdlife Townsville (formerly the Townsville Region Bird Observers Club) to the information on this page.

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