Payards Lagoon

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Payards Lagoon is located on Sheepstation Creek (19° 36' 43"S, 147° 19' 03") parallel with Waterview Road and around 14.2km west of Ayr. In 2001, there was a trial to remove aquatic weed (predominately water hyacinth) with aquatic weed harvester and NBWB rake mounted excavator. There was a major fish habitat recovery within 6 months, including Bony bream and freshwater herring.

Prior to weed removal 90 percent of all fish were plague minnow, a noxious pest. After these weeds were removed, these pests now make up only 25 percent of fishes. The native fish diversity also nearly doubled with the numbers of species increasing from 9 to 15.


Location of Payards Lagoon
Location of Payards Lagoon

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