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Geopelia striata


Size 19-21cm.

Small grey dove with heavily barred wings, back and nape, and white throat. Upper parts grey/brown with barred broken black lines, lower breast and belly white with pink tinge. Blue eye-ring, blue/ grey bill with deep pink and black horizontal striped legs and feet. Undulating flight shows the rufous (reddish – brown) underwing and grey flight feathers. The call is a three note ‘doodle-doo’ or ‘mollie-mok’.

Feeding Habits

Eats seeds of a variety of seeding grasses and herbs. They feed at roadsides, dusty places and areas that have been burnt.


Nest is a frail platform of sticks placed in a horizontal fork of a thick limb, or in a clump of twigs in a low tree, bush, or palm. Both parents incubate the eggs and look after the young.

Places to Look

Well grassed woodlands with nearby water supply, farmland areas, roadsides, parks, gardens, backyards.


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